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 20-50 pounds in 42 days on the daily hCG weight loss program

Skinny Me offers a weight loss program where you can lose 20-50 pounds in 42 days.  The hCG weight loss that is offered at Skinny Me is a safe, natural and healthy way to lose weight fast. Skinny Me offers 9 week hCG weight loss program where you can lose 20-50 pounds in 42 days. Skinny Me offers hCG weight loss in a tablet and injection form for daily use. Skinny Me’s hCG weight loss is compounded in a local pharmacy for pharmacy grade hCG which can be picked up or can be mailed to your house for your convenience.  While taking hCG daily and eating only 500-600 calories a day, hCG causes your body to release abnormally stored fat; which is broken down to carbohydrates, protein, other nutrients and toxins. These substances are then released into your bloodstream as energy/calories. The released calories and nutrients can be used as fuel for the day. Each pound of fat equals approximately 1500 calories. With losing 20-50 pounds in 42 days, you will feel great, have energy, lose weight and NOT feel hungry.  At your first appointment, you will meet with a medical doctor who will go over the medical part of the diet and your medical history and then you will meet with a certified nutritionist.  The nutritionist will teach you everything you need to know about the program and what foods to eat. In the six weeks, Skinny Me’s unique and extensive meal plan, used in conjunction with the prescribed hCG, promotes significant weight loss of 20-50 pounds in 42 days.  On this hCG weight loss program, patients will lose approximately ½-1 pound daily, with natural stalls it equals 20-50 pounds in 42 days.  Women usually lose 20-35 pounds and men lose 30-50 pounds in 42 days. If you’re taking the hCG daily, drinking the appropriate amount of water and eating only the foods on the approved list, you will lose weight anywhere from 20-50 pounds in 42 days!  Skinny Me’s hCG weight loss plan is the fastest way to lose weight and keep it off with our 3 week maintenance plan, which is included.  Skinny Me’s hCG weight loss programs offers the plans as a lifestyle change!

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