Skinny Me has quickly become South Carolina’s preferred medical weight loss center, and is steadily growing more popular throughout the Carolinas.

Our clients come from all over North Carolina, South Carolina, and even Georgia to receive our unmatched quality of guidance and support.

Here at Skinny Me we pride ourselves on the personal involvement in every step of your weight loss journey. Every employee at Skinny Me has had their own weight struggles. We all have experienced the emotional let down of not losing weight even if we are exercising and eating healthy.

Your medical team here at Skinny Me understands the medical, physical, and psychological factors which play a huge part in not being able to lose weight. Our number one goal here is to ensure that you have a deep understanding that this program is hormonal based not calorie driven. It can be a hard concept to grasp at first. Education is very important to us!

We want you walk out of our clinic informed and confident in the approach of Skinny Me’s hCG program. Most customers that try our weight loss program utilizing hCG therapy credit their success to our guidance and support.

Simply taking a little extra time with our clients is what separates us from other diet clinics and weight loss centers in Rock Hill, SC, York County, and throughout the Carolinas. The knowledge and confidence that you receive from our trained weight loss professionals has been proven to make the weight loss program we offer a more successful diet plan.

Skinny Me is a medical weight loss program designed to help you lose pounds and inches while following a prescribed diet and utilizing the hCG hormone.

The weight loss plan consists of a six week diet, followed by a 3 week maintenance phase. This is the easiest weight loss system you can find with medical supervision, support, guidance, and recipes.


hCG got me back into my dress blues!
Working around food all day in a restaurant and losing weight!
Man plan with hCG got me feeling good again!
Sublingual hCG tablets achieve the same therapy level as injections and nasal spray.
Skinny Me is AWESOME!
The hCG diet it has changed my life
The biggest difference is the one on one consultation
I never knew I could feel so much better about myself
My blood sugar went from 113 to 95!
I have lost 30 lbs. and have not gained any weight since returning to regular diet

Meet the Staff

Nancy Boulware, RN, Founder, CEO
Dr. Robert Randall, MD
Richard Boulware, PA-C

Getting Started

Download the Patient Profile and History Form (Formulario En Español), fill it out, and bring it in with you to your appointment or email it to us at

We will review any medical issues, health history, and habits that need addressed so we can layout the perfect weight loss program and diet for your journey to the new skinny you!