Nancy BoulwareAfter giving birth to two children, I struggled with losing and maintaining my weight for more than 10 years. I had tried every diet and exercise regimen to no prevail. I’m sure there are many who can relate to my constant struggle with the weight just not budging! I even went as far as having a heart ablation due to a medication I was taking that impeded weight loss.

It wasn’t until my best friend did hCG and had significant weight loss just in 6 weeks, that I was so impressed I just had to try it. I reached my goal weight in just 6 weeks and have kept it off for 6 years.

I feel the need to be my absolute best at everything I do and work very hard at achieving my goals. My passion and inspiring others is what gave birth to Skinny Me. With relentless determination and the overwhelming response from my initial patients, Skinny Me grew faster than I ever could fathom.

To this day, I still love interacting and advising patients. As a nurse I’ve always had the compassion to help others. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a patient after their weight loss. I love hearing the success stories of patients who have been taken off of medications related to their weight struggles. Patients are ecstatic when their primary care provider takes them off of their hypertension or diabetic medications.

Let’s spread the word! It truly is a life changing experience. Thank you to Dr. Simeons for your research and dedication in the science and benefits of this program in a presentable way, the best weight loss system known to date!

You won’t find any regrets here! Only success with weight loss!