hCG got me back into my dress blues!

I have just finished my 2nd round of 42 days of hCG and lost a total of 52 lbs. I weigh just 4 pounds more then I did when I was in the Marine Corps. In fact I fit into my dress blues which I haven’t worn in years! I feel better than I have in years. Thank you Skinny Me for helping me find my body back.*

– Shelly A.

Working around food all day in a restaurant and losing weight!

Working in a restaurant was a huge test of my self control! However being able to educate myself on what I shouldn’t do made it so much easier. Everyone here was so motivating and helpful with recipes and pointers that the transition was smooth. I lost 23.2 lbs. and 35.5 inches…WOW!*

– Danielle R.

Man plan with hCG got me feeling good again!

I have lost 50 lbs. with the Skinny Me hCG program! I used the nasal spray for the 42 days and followed the 500 calorie diet with no hunger. I’m so good looking I can’t stand it! My wife is going crazy over me! Thank you Skinny Me for helping me not just look better for FEEL better!*

– Ken W

Sublingual hCG tablets achieve the same therapy level as injections and nasal spray.

I used the sublingual’s hCG tablets after using the shots the first 21 days. They were fantastic. Never felt hungry on the second half of 500 calories, and they were convenient for traveling since they need no refrigeration. I highly recommend these tablets, and the Skinny Me program.  I lost 21.75 inches and weight loss of 20 lbs.in 42 days.*

– Michelle

Skinny Me is AWESOME!

I have lost 40 lbs. and feel wonderful like a new person everyone here at Skinny Me is AWESOME! It’s so esy to do and you will be so happy with the crazy wonderful staff I love them all. I would recommend this program to anyone.*

– Vicki

The hCG diet it has changed my life

The only thing that has worked for me has been the hCG diet it has changed my life!*

– Amanda

The biggest difference is the one on one consultation

So, I just needed to say something,I tried HCG before with another provider in Charlotte (and I tell you this place is always super busy),I did not get the results I’m getting with you guys! I was talking to my friend (the one that recommended me to the place in Charlotte), and I said, there is a big difference between you guys and others, the biggest difference is the one on one consultation. I truly hope that as you get more and more successful, (because it will happen!), you keep on doing this the same way, keep the one on one consultation time because this is what sets you apart from the others. Is nice to know we can get in contact with you at any time!*

– Anonymous

I never knew I could feel so much better about myself

I felt horrible about myself when I went in to the office for the first time in August. At the time I was wearing an 18W in pants. When I began the program I was particularly impressed with the progress that I was seeing quickly, and the progress itself was ultimately what became my Now it’s January and I never knew I could feel so much better about myself. I can do active things that are important to me, and that I would never have considered doing before because of the physical exertion I knew would be required. Today I visited my personal physician and his comment to me was “you look fabulous”. Today I fit very nicely in a size 8 jeans!! I’ve not worn a size 8 since before I had children more than 20 years ago. I feel good all the time.*

– Holly P H

My blood sugar went from 113 to 95!

I looked into the hCG eating plan and then called “Skinny Me!”  I met with my weight coach, Janine.  Everything was explained to me.  I have lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks.  My blood sugar went from 113 to 95! My blood pressure went from 98 to 85! I feel unbelievable and have twice as much energy!*

– Joy Z.

I have lost 30 lbs. and have not gained any weight since returning to regular diet

I’m a nursing student. I started the hCG diet at 190 lbs. I was astonished of how fast I lost, dropping 1-2 lbs. per day. I felt light , healthy and full of engery. I have lost 30 lbs. in total and have not gained any weight since returning to regular diet. I’am now doing another round of HCG and plan to lose my last 20 lbs. This diet has been amazing for me!*

– Anonymous

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

It SO works and it is extremely easy. I was not hungry at all and it was actually hard to get all my calories in. The girls at the center are fabulous! Very motivational and supportive. Whenever I had questions, I would call the office and they were very helpful. I plan to continue until I get every unwanted last pound off.*


My life has changed a lot in 41 days.

I look like myself again and feel great. So many aches and pains have gone, just with the 22.61 pounds and 22.75 inches down. I have lots of energy for my grandbabies. I am so excited and have never done anything that was this easy. And the staff and Skinny Me are amazing.*

– Janice B.

If you have any questions, staff is there to answer them in a timely manner!

After having my baby, I thought I would never lose the weight. This program has helped me lose the baby weight. As long as you want to change your life for the better, this is the way to go. You learn so much on how to stay healthy and live a healthier life.*

– JL

I wholeheartedly recommend Skinny Me.

It was a very relaxed experience and also very successful. It was, by far, one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself.*

– Galen D.

This has been the most awesome weight loss plan I have ever tried!

It’s true! ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!’ I knew how to eat healthy before I started this journey; but this has reinforced how important it is to make good food choices!*

– David M.

I no longer have sleep apnea

Skinny Me! has changed my life. I no longer have sleep apnea and my blood pressure medication has been cut in half.  I have maintained my new weight for two years and feel great! The first time I saw my cardiologist he started to leave the room after he first walked in…. he didn’t recognize me!*

– R.W.

I have not been this thin since college!

My ultimate goal is to lose 100 pounds.  So far I have lost 62 pounds!  I have not been this thin since college!  I have so much more energy and I have gotten many compliments from coworkers, friends, and even my pharmacist!*

– Inga

I am a FIRM believer that the hCG program ABSOLUTELY works if you follow the plan.

I’m an all or nothing kind of person so I did exactly what the nurse and Nancy told me.  It’s the kick start you need to get on the right track and now I plan on following the maintenance plan to ensure.  I continue to keep the weight off because of the success of the program.  I’m not one to waste my time or money so with that said, I recommend this to anyone wanting to get back on track.  I feel great!  I love seeing the inches gone!*

– Karen

After the first three days I was NOT hungry!

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  I absolutely could not lose weight even after swimming 80 laps three times a week!  My belly fat would not budge!  I started going to Skinny Me! because I watched my husband lose 10 pounds in just the first week!  After the first three days I was NOT hungry!  Any questions I had were quickly answered by the absolutely positive, supportive, and friendly staff at Skinny Me!  The support they gave made all the difference in my ability to stick to the program!  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!  Fantastic and do-able diet plan!  And tremendously supportive staff!  Amazing results!*

– Cynthia

Skinny Me! changed my life.

Over the course of 10 years I tried more diet plans and exercise regimens than I care to count. Nothing worked for me – if I did lose any weight I gained back more than I lost so fast it made my head spin. I was desperate for a program that would help me reach my goal weight and keep it off. For years I searched for a weight loss program that was safe, worked fast, and provided a fool proof way to keep the weight off after the program ended.

As fate would have it, I ran into a friend from high school who looked better than ever. She was thin and healthy with energy to spare. I begged her for her secret. “There’s no secret,” she said, “I went to Skinny Me! They provide a program that consists of a diet and an all-natural hormone called hCG. After only a week on their program I could practically see the weight melting off of me.” I was sold! I booked my appointment that day.

The staff at Skinny Me! was extremely sympathetic to my weight loss needs and really cared about my success. Everyone who works at Skinny Me! was a patient at some point before being employed there so they all knew how it felt to lose the battle of the bulge time and time again and how exciting it is to finally find something that works. They realize that weight loss challenges don’t disappear just because it’s after business hours and gave me a phone number I could call or text after hours that is answered by one of their staff.

They explained that this program is one of a kind because I would see some kind of progress every day – whether it be ounces, pounds, or inches this would be the most motivating weight loss journey of my life. The reason the Skinny Me! program is so effective is because it is fueled by a metabolic process rather than being based on calories. This also explains why Skinny Me! works for men, women, and people experiencing weight loss stalls due to menopause, lack of exercise, post-pregnancy pounds or hormonal imbalances.

Thanks to the Skinny Me! program and the genuine support of the staff, I lost 35 pounds in 6 weeks and dropped 4 dress sizes! Could I maintain my new weight? Yes! It has now been over two years and I still look and feel better than ever.

Now I love how I look and feel in my clothes! Skinny Me! is my weight loss savior and I attribute my weight loss success and my improved health to the caring staff at Skinny Me! It worked for me and it will work for you, too!*

– Beth

Fifteen Funny Notices from Losing Weight!*

  1. Catching your reflection in the mirror and not recognizing yourself!
  2. Nurses at the doctor’s office think they grabbed the wrong chart because you lost so much weight
  3. People that you haven’t seen in a few months don’t recognize you
  4. Need to tighten or buy new socks/shoes from losing ankle fat
  5.  Noticing how much room you have between you and the steering wheel of your car and extra room in movie theater seats and airplanes
  6. Walking differently, with more confidence!
  7. Saying goodbye to your favorite shirts because people say it looks like you are wearing a tent
  8. Shopping on Black Friday –  not for gifts for others, but for yourself so you can actually have something to wear without looking like a gansta!
  9.  More energy and getting more things done on the weekends since you no longer need to stop and take a nap
  10. Crossing your legs! Feeling your hip-bone! Seeing the “hourglass” shape on yourself!
  11.  How supportive others are when they see me weighing my food or measuring it out
  12. Cleaning out your closet of big clothes and wondering where to all the boxes
  13.  Having an excuse to shop for cute sweaters since you get cold more easily
  14.  Showing people your “Before Picture” and they don’t believe the people in the picture was you
  15.  Enjoying seeing yourself naked and the  changes that are happening to your body
*Results may vary