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Get ready for your summer beach body!!! Skinny Me has multiple services to achieving your dream summer beach body.  Skinny me is known for their various weight loss programs.  They offer different weight loss programs for everyone.  Not only will Skinny Me help you achieve your weight loss goals they will help you stay fit for the long term.  Skinny Me’s most popular weight loss program is the hCG diet.  It is not like it use to be many years ago.  Skinny Me’s hCG plan is unique and individualized. All Skinny Me’s programs work for women, men and adolescents. To learn more about Skinny Me’s hCG diet plan please go to:

Another weight loss program Skinny Me offers is the Healthier You plan.  This program is done in combinations of FDA appetite suppressants and a clean eating plan.  For more information on this program please go to:

At Skinny Me any of the weight loss programs you choose you will receive the same initial visit and program setup.  Skinny Me finds it important to educate their patients on any of the weight loss programs they choose. Skinny Me’s certified nutritionist will provide an educational diet and nutrition consultation.  All patients at Skinny Me will receive a body analysis, weight, measurements and vital signs done by Skinny Me’s physician.

Anyone can achieve their summer beach body especially with the help of Skinny Me. Please check out Skinny Me’s website to learn more about the weight loss programs that are offered at  You could also stop by at their location at 850 Cherry Road in Rock Hill SC or by simply giving them a call at 803-980-8446.