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Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy.  Being overweight is a major health problem that drives beyond appearances.  The Skinny Me hCG weight loss program has assisted several individuals achieve their weight loss and health goals.  There are many benefits to using our hCG weight loss program at Skinny Me, the most important being a significant decrease in your risk for many long-term health concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.  The great news about this diet is that you can actually diet without being hungry!  As the hCG causes your body to process stored fat for energy, this adipose tissue produces Leptin, a hormone that provides the feeling of satiety. Since you are processing your stored fat for body fuel instead of muscle mass, your muscle integrity will be preserved.  You will lose weight quickly and learn to create an overall healthier lifestyle for a better quality of life!

To learn more about our hCG weight loss program please stop in or give Skinny Me a call at 803-980-8446. We are located at 850 Cherry Road Rock Hill, SC and would love to hear from you.  Skinny Me will also be opening very soon in Charleston, SC.