intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is not a recommended lifestyle weight loss diet. This is not something patients can sustain. Intermittent Fasting is not for everyone. This may not be suitable for people who have diabetes or take medicine for blood pressure or heart disease, pregnant or nursing. If you have decided to go this route, please make sure you have picked the appropriate and recommended fasting time for your lifestyle. However, at Skinny Me, we can discuss with you the benefits and side effects of fasting and how you can use it with our weight loss programs. Even though, patients are losing weight with the intermittent fasting plan, there are some side effects of this. We have noticed that patients have a hard time keeping the weight off when they stop doing the plan. Also, this fasting plan is strict and we recommend you fully understand the concept and plan before you start. You could possibly begin in binge eat during the eating time frame because you are so hungry. You could feel exhausted and sick during the fasting period because of the hunger. Getting used to being in a fasted state takes some time. And as you adapt, you may experience some uncomfortable symptoms, such as lightheadedness. Along with lightheadedness, you may experience a short-term drop in energy when first embarking on your fasting journey. At Skinny Me, our practitioner or certified nutritionists will go over our weight loss programs with you before you decide.

Seriously, how long do you think you could go doing intermittent fasting for? At Skinny Me, we can help you find the right weight loss program for your lifestyle and it could be something you can stick with long-term. Call us at 803-980-8446 or stop by 9 am-5 pm Monday-Friday at 850 Cherry Road, Rock Hill SC 29732 and we can discuss all your options!

How to Lose Weight Fast?

Lose Weight Fast!
Women lose up to 35 pounds and Men lose up to 50 pounds in 42 days!

Are you looking to lose weight fast? Skinny Me offers several weight loss programs to help you lose weight fast. Skinny Me weight loss can be reached at 803-980-8446 or stop by at 850 Cherry Road Rock Hill, SC 29732. Women lose up to 35 pounds and men lose up to 50 pounds in just 42 days.  We have a weight loss programs for everyone including adolescents. We offer a program where you can take hCG daily, you can do our Keto diet, Metabolic diet, we offer appetite suppressants and so much more. All our weight loss plans are individualized and are catered to meet your lifestyle.  The best part about our weight loss programs is that you can eat a lot of your favorite foods still! You do not have to give up pizza, tacos, bread, or even brownies. These are just a few of our patient’s favorite food items on our program. At Skinny Me, we provide you all the necessary information to help you get started, help you be successful, and reach your weight loss goal. We also provide you a dining out guide, in case you need to eat out on the program. The weight loss programs we off help you lose weight fast. Losing weight on your own is hard, so let Skinny Me help you lose weight fast.  Skinny Me will teach you how to lose the weight and how to keep it off. With any of our weight loss programs we offer support throughout the course of your journey.  Skinny Me wants to make sure you reach your weight loss goal. If you are looking to lose weight fast you need to call Skinny Me today, 803-980-8446. We are located minutes from Charlotte, NC at 850 Cherry Road Rock Hill, SC 29732.

Order Meals

Order Skinny Meals

Order meals is now available from the help of a local chef in Rock Hill, SC. What’s for dinner? It’s a perennial question. It is so hard to be on any diet and have to plan and cook for yourself and then plan and cook for the rest of the family. You can now order meals, which has so many benefits. Well, now with the help from Mommas Place in Rock Hill you will only have to cook and prepare for the family! Skinny Me has partnered with them so our patients can order meals that are hCG approved. The less prep time means more family time, so we highly recommend to order meals. Nutritionally balanced and portioned correctly for all the Skinny Me weight loss programs. The meals are ready to eat or you can freeze for later use. Mommas Place will deliver the order meals weekly to our office on Monday mornings at 850 Cherry Road, Rock Hill SC 29732. All the meals are handcrafted by an Italian chef, and the menu changes weekly, providing you with a wide variety of options to choose from. Order meals will not only save you time, but you can now enjoy the convenience of your meals done for you. After a busy day, spending hours in the kitchen preparing dinner may be the last thing you want to do. Haven’t you ever dreamed of coming home from work, kicking off your shoes, sitting on the couch and having a hot meal ready for your consumption? When you choose to have fresh prepared Skinny Me meals made for you, that dream will be a reality! For those nonstop days when you are running around, dropping off one of your kids at baseball practice, speeding to drop another kid at gymnastics, all while your pup paces in the backseat, longing for a walk, you can breathe a small sigh of relief knowing that fresh, tasty heat-and-eat meals are waiting at home. You are able to choose the type and number of meals you want handcrafted. Whether you’re a busy student needing solo meals or you are part of a family, the options are endless. And for the picky eaters in your family, you are still only making one meal at dinner for your family. Our extensive menu of chef prepared weight loss meals changes weekly ensuring there is always something to please even the most particular of taste buds. You can call our office, Skinny Me at 803-980-8446 anytime Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. If you have any questions about how to order meals or about our weight loss programs please call or stop by at 803-980-8446. You can check the weekly menu at Order Skinny Meals.


The hCG diet plan
Skinny Me’s main goal is to aggressively help you lose weight in the fastest method imaginable using hCG, a VLCD (very low-calorie diet), and an understanding of calories, fat, and metabolism. We have many years of one on one experience working with hCG clients from all over the United States. This experience will help you achieve your goals and we will take all the time necessary to help you understand and succeed in your weight loss mission.

You may find that earlier hCG diet plan or programs you have explored or tried did not look to offer a concrete plan to fighting your weight loss battle. Perhaps they were imprecise and unsuccessful. Too many operations simply took the old diet package established in the late 50’s and still use it today without bearing in mind the changes in food processing, our body evolution, and current lifestyles.
Skinny Me’s tactic is entirely diverse and stresses that your self-discipline and commitment to the program are the solutions to attaining top results. Each hCG patient at Skinny Me will have a customized diet plan based on their current lifestyle. Our package is based on a four-phase program that can and will get you amazing results during the days of your diet if you follow the directives. Logically your success is reliant on you following the instructions provided. The 4 phases will be explained thoroughly, but in brief, they are Phase 1: loading days, Phase 2: low calorie days, Phase 3: Stabilization, and Phase 4: keeping the weight off.

The best part at Skinny Me is we will support and teach you every stage of your weight loss journey. We are here to help you get to your weight loss goal. We are located 20 minutes from Charlotte, NC at 850 Cherry Road, Rock Hill SC. If you live anyplace in the SC, you have the opportunity to use our telemedicine services and not have to drive to the office. Pleaae call us at 803-980-8446 for more details or to schedule your appointment.

hCG Weight Loss Program

hCG Weight Loss Program

hCG weight loss program may be the one for you to discover the results that thousands women and men have already experienced.*

hCG weight loss program at Skinny Me. The hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone is the key to providing dramatic, rapid and long-term weight loss.* In fact, our patients lose an average of a 1/2 to 1 pound a day!*

Skinny Me offers a safe and effective hCG weight loss program that is designed to aid those who want to rapidly drop weight while maintaining healthy eating behaviors. Women tend to lose between 20-35 pounds and men lose 30-50 pounds in 42 days.*  Unlike other hCG weight loss programs, we have a team of expert medical professionals and staff who aid, consult, and help you with your weight loss journey on a weekly basis. We are 100% committed to helping with your weight loss transformation as you are, and we want to make sure your personalized program and experience is positive.

How Skinny Me’s hCG Weight Loss Program Works…

Our hCG weight loss program uses safe, quality medical, pharamacy grade hCG.  hCG allows the body to use the extra abnormal fat within your system as the energy source for your body, which is why people see rapid weight loss results. Combined with Skinny Me’s personalized, low-calorie diet that is safely monitored by our expert medical professionals, you can lose up to a pound a day throughout the course of your program.

Skinny Me’s hCG Program Improves…

  • No nervous or jittery stimulants
  • Helps those with slow metabolism, hormone imbalance, or menopause*
  • Increases energy levels*
  • May assist in the reduction of cholesterol and blood sugar levels*
  • May help patients in losing up to 30+ pounds over a six week period*
  • May help reduce the appearance of cellulite*
  • May minimize food cravings*
  • May decrease your blood pressure*
  • May improve your skin*

hCG Weight Loss Program with Skinny Me…

Your hCG weight loss program is exclusively customized based on your weight loss goals and overall achievement desires. Before you begin thehCG program, you will experience a consultation with one of our expert medical professionals who will explain everything you need to know about our unique hCG weight loss program and ultimately decide if this is the right journey you should take in order to meet your needs.

To learn more about Skinny Me’s hCG weight loss program call us at 803-980-8446 or stop by our location closest to Charlotte, NC.  Our address is 850 Cherry Road, Rock Hill SC 29732. If you are wanting us to contact you or if you are ready to schedule please fill out the Get Started form.

*Individual results may vary

Tattoo Removal with Laser

Tattoo Removal is a new service offered at Skinny Me. Please call us at 803-980-8446 or stop by 850 Cherry Road, Rock Hill for more information.  For a while, we have assumed that once tattooed that’s it – the image or words are there for life. Then came tattoo cover-ups, allowing ink that people had grown tired of or grown out of to be covered up with a new design by experienced, talented artists.

Now at Skinny Me, our physicians have been trained in tattoo removal.  This advanced laser removes tattoos, whether recent, old, blue, green or multi-colored.

tattoo removal atlanta gaWhile the chosen design of a tattoo is often enough to incite later regret, getting a tattoo in the first place comes with health risks.  Such as allergic reactions. Risks also occur when going an unsafe route to removing tattoos.  This is done by using dermabrasion methods to “sand down” the skin. This can cause a lot of pain and scarring.

A recent survey revealed that nearly one-third of people experience tattoo-regret. Currently, laser treatments are the most common and preferred tattoo removal method. Laser tattoo removal emits a focused beam of laser light. It passes through the skin’s outer layer before being absorbed by the tattoo ink.  Then breaks the pigment into smaller particles that are eventually removed by the body’s natural healing processes. With today’s technology, tattoo removal responds positively to lasers.

At Skinny Me, we have the highly-advanced laser that uses short bursts of energy for the safe removal of deep tattoos. This includes the removal of multicolored, blue, green, and dark ink in fewer treatments. Multi-colored, blue-green and dark tattoos tend to be the most difficult to eliminate as their pigments are usually more concentrated. They are usually placed deeper within the skin. With patience, persistence, and an experienced laser physician, they may be able to remove dark, stubborn tattoos in fewer treatments without damaging surrounding skin.

While your treatment at Skinny Me depends on many factors.  Most tattoos require at least three to four treatments, spaced four to six weeks apart, for tattoo removal.

Please contact Skinny Me to speak to the laser specialist to best determine which type of advanced laser technology will best fit your tattoo removal process.  Also, check out our web page for details on how the laser can remove tattoos.

What are some of the hCG diet concerns?

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 5.40.32 AMWhat are some of the hCG diet concerns that many people may ponder before starting the hCG diet? Many patients question whether or not the hCG diet really works.  Well, I am here to tell you it does work if you follow the Skinny Me program correctly.

One of the hCG diet concerns at Skinny Me is that we have many people who call and ask, “Wouldn’t I lose the same amount of weight if I were eating 500 calories, with or without the hCG?” Initially, this is true, but if you do the hCG diet without the hCG, about 10 days into your journey you’ll notice that you do not lose as much weight. This is because your body has gone into starvation mode. The hCG helps your body burn fat and not muscle.   also prevent your body from going into starvation mode. Not only will you lose weight on the drops, you’ll feel much better and be healthier than doing the diet without the drops.

Another one of the hCG diet concerns we get asked at Skinny Me is “Will I gain the weight back?”  The Skinny Me hCG diet is designed to help you succeed, but you have to follow the protocol. Like all diets, if you abandon your healthy habits, you will gain the weight back.  The hCG diet is broken into three phases to make maintaining easier to understand. The last 3 weeks or phase 3 of the Skinny is dedicated to teaching you the healthy habits required to maintain your weight loss.  Our Skinny Me nutritionist will sit down with you and explain the importance of maintaining for the next 3 weeks.  We will also provide you all the necessary meal plans and lists to be successful.  All you have to do is listen and follow the program that will be provided to you. If you complete phase 3 and implement the things like calorie counting, and exercise that you started, you can maintain your weight loss.

Many potential patients hCG diet concerns relies on the clear fact that they do not even know what the hCG diet really is all about.  One of the great things about Skinny Me’s hCG program is before you schedule we provide you in detail how the hCG diet works.  Overall, the hCG diet is a jump start into a healthier lifestyle. It’s that simple.  hCG helps you lose enough weight to start feeling comfortable with your body again. When you are done with the hCG Diet, you complete the maintenance phase, which can also be referred to as phase 3.  During this phase, you start exercising and learning to track your calories and carbohydrates. This is the next step toward a better lifestyle. The maintenance phase is meant to teach you how to be healthy, and it is critical to success on the hCG diet. After this phase is complete, you are ready to dive head in to your new, healthy lifestyle. You now know how to track calories, choose healthier food options, and exercise. Moving forward, you have a fresh start with life.  One thing that we try to teach our Skinny Me patients is that when you have weight to lose, especially when you’ve tried all different kinds of programs, it’s hard to stay motivated long enough to lose as much as you need to. This is due to a couple reasons: 1) You aren’t seeing results despite your hard work. 2) Your body hasn’t had the opportunity to detox from the junk you used to eat so when you finish your diet, you return to junk. For a lot of our clients, they have tried a myriad of programs but hCG is the only thing that works for them. We believe this is because you see results more quickly than you would with other programs, and the hCG diet gives you the opportunity to detox from the junk that would normally make maintaining very difficult.

The bottom line is this: When the program is followed correctly, you can lose weight with Skinny Me’s hCG diet program. hCG diet controversy aside, we have helped some clients lose more than 100 pounds. After you lose weight, we won’t abandon you! We are here to guide your entire program start to finish. Our hCG diet nutritionists are here to make sure that each step of your hCG diet is a success, and they are here to provide the support you need to jump start yourself into a healthier lifestyle! Call us today to get started, 803-980-8446 or stop in by our Charlotte location.  Our address is 850 Cherry Road Rock Hill, SC 29732 (minutes from Charlotte).  At Skinny Me, we are here to help you become a healthier you!


Ketogenic Diet Benefits

Ketogenic diet benefits improves your health. According to studies, “two-thirds of the American population is overweight or obese. More than half of all Americans struggle with chronic illness. 1 in 5 deaths in the U.S. is obesity-related. 1 in 4 deaths is related to heart disease. Saturated dietary fats and cholesterol are not to blame for these statistics.”

Skinny Me helps patients address these issues. It also can provide weight loss benefits with the Ketogenic diet.  It is important to eat a diet that allows your body to burn fat. As its primary fuel rather than sugars.  Also, to become an efficient fat burner, you actually have to eat fat.  This is considered one of the ketogenic diet benefits to some patients.   Skinny Me is one of the few weight loss clinics in the area that provides an education on how the correct way to diet with an approved ketogenic plan.  Some of the most important ketogenic diet benefits are:

Weight loss

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 9.15.44 AM

By rebalancing your body’s chemistry, weight loss becomes nearly effortless. The ketogenic diet can double the weight lost compared to a low-fat diet, if done correctly.  Call today 803-980-8446 for some of the weight loss results we have seen.



Reduced inflammation

When burned for fuel, dietary fat releases far fewer reactive oxygen. Ketones are also very effective histone deacetylase inhibitors. That can effectively reduce inflammatory responses.  Reducing your inflammation is just one of the benefits of ketogenic diet at Skinny Me.

Reduced cancer risk

It is possible that another one of the benefits of ketogenic diet is reducing the chance of cancer.  While all cells (including cancer cells) can use glucose for fuel.  Cancer cells lack the metabolic flexibility to use ketones. While regular cells thrive on these fats.  Your body enters a state of nutritional ketosis. That is when the cancer cells are more susceptible to being removed by your body through a process called autophagy.  This process would be taught to you at Skinny Me. You can check out the study done on how the ketogenic diet reducing the risk of cancer at

Increased muscle mass

Another one of the ketogenic diet benefits at Skinny Me is increasing your muscle mass.  Ketones spare branched-chain amino acids.  This is what helps promote muscle mass. There are ways that patients can lose muscle mass if they do not follow the ketogenic program correctly.

Lowered insulin levels

Keeping your insulin level low helps prevent insulin resistance.  Also, Type 2 diabetes and related diseases. If diabetics eat a low-carb ketogenic diet they can reduce their dependency on diabetes medication. Lowering insulin resistance will also reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s. Recent research strengthens the link between insulin resistance and dementia. Even further, particularly among those with existing heart disease.

Mental clarity

One of the first things people really notice once they start burning fat for fuel is that they do not have “brain fog”. They can suddenly think very clearer.  Ketones are a preferred fuel for your brain; hence, the improved mental clarity.

Increased longevity

One of the reasons you can survive a long time without food is due to the process of ketosis. It spares protein breakdown. A fairly consistent effect seen in people on a ketogenic diet is that blood levels of leucine and other important structural proteins go up.

It is important to follow an approved program such as Skinny Me. This would allow you to get all the ketogenic diet benefits.  Call us today at 803-980-8446. Or stop by our nearest Charlotte, NC location.  We are located at 850 Cherry Road Rock Hill, SC 29732.  You can learn all the benefits of ketogenic diet, these are just a few! Skinny Me’s ketogenic program will provide you all the necessary information to be successful and lose the most weight you can.

The hCG Diet Benefits at Skinny Me

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What is the Long Term Effectiveness of the HCG Diet?

The hCG diet is one of the few diets that can work both in the short term and the long term, but to have lasting results with your weight loss it will take a commitment to stay healthy.

One of the biggest failures of long term success with any diet is whether or not it changes your eating habits, as your eating habits are what determine the amount of calories you consume and the types of foods that you crave.

The hCG diet can actually change your eating habits and help reduce your cravings for junk food. Most patients on the diet find that they no longer crave the same foods that they used to crave after just one round of hCG. One of the most important things to do in order to change bad eating habits, is to reduce your portion sizes, eat lower fat foods, and drink more water.

These are all requirements of the hCG diet, and although the diet is one of the most structured out there, it is highly effective at helping clients change their behavior and habits that contribute to weight gain. Our hCG diet is designed to help your body reset itself and reduce your cravings for food.

Eating Larger Portions of Water and Fibre Rich Foods can Help you Change your Eating Habits
Our nutritionists advise that the best ways to change your eating habits is to limit your consumption of calorie dense foods like pizza, pasta, and bread and increase your quantities of fiber rich foods like broccoli, kale, fruits and non-starchy vegetables. By increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables you can control your cravings for food much more easily because the water content and fiber content of these foods will fill you up faster.

The hCG diet requires you to eat foods that are rich in both fiber and water content for a period of three to six weeks. During this period of time, many report changes in their food cravings. Although the first week of the diet can be challenging for some, once this week has passed the rest of the diet is usually much easier, and many find that they are able to stick to the protocol. As a result, our craving for calorie dense foods will decrease less and less.

The hCG Diet Limits your Consumption of Sugar Drinks
Another important aspect of the diet is that it limits the type of drinks that you can consume. This is important for helping you normalize your weight and transition into a healthier lifestyle. In order to avoid weight gain, you have to avoid consuming drinks with sugar and high fructose corn syrup, as they are a source of “empty calories” that can easily increase your weight and cause a wide range of metabolic issues. People who consume sugar drinks are much more likely to be obese and struggle with weight loss.  The hCG diet requires clients to completely avoid consuming sugar drinks during its entire duration, which will help you avoid them once the diet has been completed.
The hCG Diet is one of the Easiest Ways to Transition into a Healthier Lifestyle
There are hundreds of diets now available and it can be confusing to make a decision on just one. However, the long term effectiveness of the hCG diet is proven and well known, and most participants have had success with it. You will find that following the protocol of the diet is very easy once you get familiar with it. Because it is limited to a short period of time (3 to 6 weeks) it has a dramatic and positive effect on your eating habits.

If you have any questions at all about the hCG diet and how it can help you lose weight and change your eating habits for the better, call Skinny Me for more information about it.

To learn more or schedule your appointment please call us at 803-980-8446 or stop by Monday-Friday 9am-5pm at 850 Cherry Road, Rock Hill SC 29732, minutes away from Charlotte, NC.

hCG Hormone Weight Loss

hCG hormone weight loss is available at Skinny Me. Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy.  Being overweight is a major health problem and extends beyond appearances. With Skinny Me’s hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone) weight loss program women lose 20-35 pounds in 42 days and men lose 30-50 pounds in 42 days.  Our hCG  hormone weight loss program is done with either sublingual tablets or injections.  This is not a fad diet… this is a medically supervised program with a prescribed hormone therapy which induces weight loss when followed correctly.

hCG is an natural hormone in a pregnant woman’s body of about 200 thousand units daily.  It provides hormonal development of the growing fetus and ensures adequate nutrition to the fetus if the mother is nutritionally deprived or just nauseated.  Have you ever heard the old saying” baby is going to get what it needs from the momma”?  That is exactly what this hormone does.  Because of the decreased fat intake while on hCG it will trigger your body to flood its own reserve fat for “the baby” which obviously you don’t have.While on this hormonal therapy it does not cause nausea, lactation, or any symptoms associated with pregnancy.  Just imagine having 10 children- this hormone will be in a woman’s body for her entire adult life.  So is it safe?  Absolutely!

Our team of Practitioners are all trained in the latest hCG research.  We are hCG experts.  The entire staff here at Skinny Me have all experienced weight loss challenges ourselves.  We all have our own success stories to share with our patients.  We support, hug, cheer, and congratulate everyone’s own success story.  We can’t help but to develop a personal relationship with all who walk through our door.  After all, the team at Skinny Me can empathize with the frustrations we feel of previous failed weight loss attempts.  The atmosphere is contagious.  We find our new patients become motivated by established patients while sitting in the waiting room! They all are so eager to brag about their journey at Skinny Me!

Call today to schedule your hCG program at Skinny Me 803-980-8446 or stop by 850 Cherry Road, Rock Hill SC 29732 to either ask questions or get started! For more information on the hCG hormone weight loss program at Skinny Me you can check out