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Skinny Me is proud to announce partnership with Dr. Anita Dormer, board-certified physician, originally from Charleston, SC. We will soon open our second location at 1459 Stuart Engals Boulevard, Suite 202, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464.

Dr. Dormer opened her own cosmetic medical practice in 2000 in NYC. Dr. Dormer is a master injector of Botox and fillers, and specializes in Sclerotherapy treatments, photo-rejuvenation, skin care, laser hair removal, pigmentation and under-eye treatments, as well as revision injectable treatments. Dr. Dormer decided to integrate her expertise in skin healing with her desire to help patients achieve radiant skin. The result was the creation of a powerful preventative anti-aging skincare system known as Dr. Anita.

Dr. Dormer’s approach to cosmetic medicine blends modern clinical methods with classical artistic techniques to maximize the patient’s own unique and natural beauty. By paying special attention to detail and proportion, Dr. Dormer has become known by her patients for achieving exceptionally natural, believable results. Dr. Dormer works closely with her patients to address individual concerns, helping them to put their best face forward.

Our Charleston location will offer all of Dr. Anita Dormer’s specialties, along with the Skinny Me hCG weight loss program, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and new aesthetic procedures, such as O-Spot, EndyMed, Vampire Face Lift and Nova Threads. Dr. Dormer is also a member of the Charleston Medical Society.

Please call today at (843) 708-9793 to learn more about our services at our new location at 1459 Stuart Engals Boulevard, Suite 202, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464. You can check out Skinny Me’s website at and Dr. Anita Dormer’s website at for more information.