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One of the most common questions we receive at Skinny Me is “Can I or should I exercise while on the hCG diet?”. Actually, the hCG diet does not require a weight loss exercise plan or weight loss exercise program. In fact, we recommend that you keep exercise to a minimum, such as engaging in walking or yoga. You should not participate in rigorous weight loss exercises, during which your heart rate rises above 120 beats per minute, as your weight loss may stall. Simply put, it is not necessary to implement a weight loss exercise plan while on the hCG diet!

With that said, part of a healthy lifestyle involves physical activity. The human body is built for movement! While we do not recommend strenuous weight loss exercises, we do recommend light strength and toning exercises. If you are currently engaging in weight loss exercises using weight machines, we will recommend that you switch over to using free weights while you are on the Skinny Me with hCG diet. So, even though you do not, necessarily, need to stop physical activity completely, we do recommend that you scale back a great deal. Consider it a break and you can get back to your workouts soon! If you notice that your hCG weight loss is slowing or stopping all together, we suggest postponing all exercise, with the exception of walking, for the remainder of your time on the HCG diet.

You should definitely begin a weight loss exercise plan during the maintenance phase of the hCG diet, which immediately follows your 42-day weight loss phase. While in maintenance, you will eat more calories and introduce healthy fats back into your diet; but, the goal at this time is to learn to view food as fuel.

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