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hCG diet at the holiday season is not for everyone, but there are some good reasons why you should consider starting the hCG diet before the holiday season.  hCG diet at the holiday season is possible with the Skinny Me weight loss program.  Skinny Me allows you to lose weight before the holidays, take a break and enjoy the holidays and then lose more weight afterwards. Why not look good for the holidays!  Some reasons why you should start the hCG diet at the holiday season is to be able to load and gorge.  Christmas or New Years can be your loading days, which allows you to eat as much fat as you want.  Another reason why the hCG diet at the holiday season can be a good idea is to learn self-control.  If you were to start the hCG diet before the holidays, then you should be about ready to wrap it up by Christmas or New Years.  This would give you a chance to practice restraint, proper portion sizes and you self-control. The third reason is to get a jump start on your New Years resolution and start the hCG diet at the holiday season. You already know that all of your friend’s will be making a New Years Resolution to lose that extra 15 to 20 pounds – It’s no secret that statistically weight loss is the most widely used resolutions for the New Year.  With the Skinny Me hCG diet, women lose 20-35 pounds and men lose 30-50 pounds in 42 days.  Well by starting the hCG diet at the holiday season you will be ahead of the group.  Then naturally everyone will take notice of how great you look, and they will want to know exactly how you did it.  You will then be able to use your new found knowledge of the Skinny Me hCG weight loss program to help your friends and family get their weight under control.  Skinny Me offers tips and support, especially at the holiday time.  We have two locations; 850 Cherry Road, Rock Hill SC 29732 and we can be reached at 803-980-8446 or stop by 1459 Stuart Engals Blvd. Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 or call 843-352-9642.  Skinny Me would love to help you reach your weight loss goals and you can get started on the hCG diet at the holiday season, lose weight and look good!