Tattoo Removal

Skinny Me uses The Q- Switched Nd:Yag which is a laser that has the ability to successfully remove or minimize dark and bright tattoos with out the side effect of scarring.* When pulsed over the area of ink the amount of energy this laser produces, short bursts of high energy, the ink particles shatter and are then absorbed by the body.*

Tattoo Removal

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No need for a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling!

At the very core, laser technology delivers energy to the skin via light waves. Depending on the frequency of the waves, the energy is absorbed by different pigment colors in the skin.* This heats up the ink pigment, which causes it to break up into smaller particles, which can then be gradually removed by the body’s lymphatic system.*  The laser targets ink pigment and break’s it up into smaller particles through powerful bursts of energy.* The ink is then absorbed into the bloodstream and eventually expelled from the body.*

Skinny Me’s Q-switch laser is one of the most effective ways of removing a tattoo which emits light in a particular way in short, sharp pulses, which break down the tattoo pigments.* These are then absorbed by the feeding cells within the skin. This light energy is measured in nanometres (nm) and is emitted at frequencies of 532nm or 1064 nm. The 1064nm is for treatment of blue or black ink pigment in the skin, this tip is slightly shorter and has around mirror inside. The 532nm tip is for treatment of red and brown tattoo pigment in the skin, this tip is longer and has a square mirror.

What are the Advantages of using Skinny Me’s Laser?

  • Easy to administer – simple to switch between wavelengths
  • Customizable with a wide assortment of spot sizes that protect against cross contamination
  • Lower risk of PIH
  • Lower risk of scarring

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Tattoo removal lasers can remove the full spectrum of colored tattoo inks, including notoriously stubborn blue and green inks, and also very dark lines.  Powerful laser light pulses shatter underlying tattoo inks into microscopic particles that the immune system can naturally eliminate from the body. Our laser is safe and will not permanently damage your skin.

What to Expect During Laser Tattoo Removal?

Typically four to six appointments are needed to remove the average tattoo. The exact number may depend on tattoos size color and age. A cooling anesthetic can also be provided to alleviate discomfort.  Laser tattoo removal has few side effects, including some temporary skin whitening and a sunburn-like sensation. Normal activities may be resumed immediately following treatment.

Tattoo Removal



  • Lupus or other autoimmune deficiency
  • Pregnant or Breast Feeding
  • Bleeding abnormalities
  • Treatment of Acne in the last six months
  • Kelloid or very thick scarring
  • Inflammatory Skin Conditions (e.g: Psoriasis) or Injuries
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis “Gold” Therapy
  • Hypo-Pigmentation
  • Herpes simplex or fever blisters
  • Diabetes, Epilepsy, Cancer or HIV/AIDS
  • Used St John’s Wort in the past 3 months
  • Newly Tanned skin (includes; natural suntan, tanning bed, fake tans) in last 30 days
  • Waxing/Plucking/Electrolysis/Sugaring within last 6 weeks
  • Wearing a Pacemaker, or any Metal Pins/Plates
This list is not fully comprehensive and others factors may arise during consultation

*Disclaimer Individual Results may vary