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Your journey on the Skinny Me with hCG diet will be most successful if you begin with the understanding that eating right and keeping the weight off contributes directly to a healthy lifestyle. Besides losing weight on the hCG diet, one of the biggest benefits is learning how to live a more conscious lifestyle. It is important to listen to your body and learn to use food as fuel and nourishment.

During your time on the hCG diet, your body will produce leptin, which will naturally suppress your appetite; however, you will still need to focus on changing habitual eating behaviors. Sometimes, emotions may evoke cravings so it is imperative that you listen to your body to determine if you are actually experiencing hunger or cravings. After a short time on the hCG weight loss program, patients begin to recognize emotional triggers and can learn to evade cravings.

While losing weight, you will learn portion control, which is a positive contribution to a healthy lifestyle. Your body will become accustomed to eating healthier-sized portions! When most patients complete the hCG weight loss program, they often find it easier to eat regular, healthy portions of food.

Most of our patients form healthy habits that last well beyond our hCG weight loss program by listening to their bodies and learning when, what and how much to eat! During the maintenance phase of the diet, we will educate you on how to integrate these newly learned eating patterns into your life!

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