How long have you struggled to reachweight-loss-clinic-rock-hill-sc-orange
your weight loss goals?

Are you ready to put an end to
fad diets, yo-yo weight, and the fight to slim down?

SkinnyMe has a unique approach to identify and treat the medical reasons for your extra weight.  Our programs will identify your reason for weight gain and work with you to change your life and end your weight loss struggle.

The reason for your struggle could be metabolic or a drop in hormone levels.

If you are ready to effectively, rapidly, and safely drop weight now is the time to start a hormonal therapy session. Select the program that is right for you below.

The hCG Diet Program for Women

Medical Weight Loss Rock Hill SC

The Skinny Me hCG diet program is more about losing weight. Our goal is to educate and address particular learned behaviors. If your not successful, we’re not successful. Support is a key factor at Skinny Me!

  • Changing eating patterns
  • Achieving and maintaining a set goal
  • Most of all, becoming the new healthy you for life!
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The Man Plan – hCG Diet Program for Men

Medical Weight Loss Rock Hill SC for Men Image by Alan Cle

The hCG diet is safe for men! Men generally achieve greater weight loss than women with the Skinny Me hCG diet. Ready to retire the spare tire or love handles?

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The Metabolic Plan

metobolic-diet-plan-weight-loss-rock-hill-scA healthy choice program for people who travel and/or have a fast paced life style. A greater variety of food choices and freedom to choose from healthy fats along with lean proteins and vegetables.

The Metabolic Diet plan is a gateway to a healthier lifestyle of clean eating.

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Clean Eating with Appetite Suppressant

clean-eating-prescription-appetite-suppressants-rock-hill-scFor the many patients that struggle with obesity, Skinny Me Practitioners will recommend weight loss medications to help you succeed in reaching your weight loss goals. Prescription appetite suppressants will help you feel full while reducing your calorie intake.

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Keto PicKetogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet looks to fat for up to 90% of total intake, protein for 10-20%, and carbs for close-to-zero. It is a limiting diet, but for some of our patients, can be life altering when done over short periods of time.

Vitamin B Injections

vitamin-b-injections-rock-hill-scB12 provides energy, clarity of mind, memory, enhanced sleep, mood, immune system, physical stamina, and aides in weight management.

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