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We are happy that you are considering losing weight with Skinny Me!

When you make the decision to begin losing weight using our hCG diet, you will have the option to administer the hCG via injections or sublingual tablets. One of the most frequent questions we receive is “Will I see faster results using the injections or the sublingual tablets?”
The fact is that, on the Skinny Me hCG diet, both methods of hCG administration are equally effective to aid you in losing weight. Sublingual tablets are placed under the tongue in the pocket that sits next to the buccal veins and capillaries. If you opt to use injections, you will administer the hormone once a day into your deltoid muscle (shoulder muscle). Intramuscular injections provide for a slower release of hCG, which is why you will only need to inject once a day.

Making the decision to inject or use the sublingual tables really comes down to a matter of convenience and your comfort level. The sublingual tablets are the perfect option for an individual who may not feel at ease taking a daily injection. Since the tablets must be taken twice a day, eight hours apart, you may need to set an alarm so that you remember your second dose for the day. With regards to caring for your hormone, the tablets, while sensitive to warmer environments, do not need to be refrigerated and do not risk harm when dropped or shaken. The injections are a great option for any individual with a busy schedule. That is to say, once you administer your hormone in the morning, you will not need to think about your next dose until the following day. The injections require a little more attention. The hCG liquid must be stored in a refrigerator and should not be shaken or dropped, as this may potentially effect the potency of the hormone.

Making the decision to start losing weight should be made with thoughtful consideration. Skinny Me employees would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you to provide you ALL of the information you need so that you can embark on your weight loss journey with us! Please call us or email us TODAY for additional information regarding our diet programs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!