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If you are an individual who struggles to lose weight or notice areas in your midsection that refuse to traditional weight loss programs, many of which include strenuous workout to shed those extra inches around the stomach abdomen and buttocks.  Visceral fat is usually the culprit and does not willingly respond simple diet and exercise.  This abdominal fat is what develops deep inside your body and surrounds your internal organs. It is centered in your abdominal area and is harder to lose than subcutaneous fat, which lies just beneath your skin. Excessive amounts of visceral fat are associated with a wide range of health concerns, since an unhealthy level can wreak havoc on vital organs by embedding in these sensitive tissues.  Excessive amounts of visceral fat may cause diabetes by boosting insulin resistance and leads to health risks such as heart disease, strokes, hypertension etc. The key to decreasing visceral fat is the Skinny Me hCG weight loss program. The use of hCG is uniquely able to trigger the release of visceral fat deposits and makes them available to be used as fuel. The hCG tricks the hypothalamus into targeting visceral fat and, over a fairly short amount of time, will alter the metabolic process so visceral fat is easily decreased.  This is what sets the Skinny Me program apart from other weight loss programs. The hCG diet has been proven to provide a concentrated and safe method to aid in the removal of excess internal organ fat!

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